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Our Classes

The Gentle Practice classes are held live on Zoom for Healthcare Professionals at any level.  You may book any or all of the classes, depending on your needs and what your schedule allows.  Classes are offered Monday - Thursday at various times throughout the day.  Our focus is to cultivate calm presence, strength and flexibility in a peer-to-peer social environment.

Women Practicing Yoga

The Gentle Practice

A patterned practice designed to de-stress while focusing on your body’s symmetry, flexibility and strength. No equipment required. The use of a yoga mat is encouraged.

60 minutes

Yoga Mat

Core/Deep Stretch

Uses yoga and fitness elements to activate and strengthen the entire center core of the body; then a relaxing practice of self-care, cultivating flexibility and increasing circulation.


60 minutes

Fitness on Yoga Mat

Gentle Slow Flow

Meditative yoga, emphasizing peace and calm in body and mind; longer held poses, mindfully moving and breathing. This class is for all practitioners looking to build muscle strength.

60 minutes

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