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The Importance of Carving Out Time - Your Physical and Mental Health Depends On It

As a Healthcare Professional, your own mental and physical health is vital to sustain the energy and well being it takes to care for your patients every day. Self care is an absolute must. But how? There never seems to be enough time in the day! As much of a challenge as it may be, you want to create and carve out any time of day you’re able to stop, take a breath, and focus on yourself.

First, let’s look at different aspects of self care practices:

  • Physical self care - How are you taking care of your body? Are you getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating healthy meals, creating movement on a regular basis?

  • Emotional self care - Are you regularly connecting with and processing your emotions, such as talking to colleagues, confiding in a friend, or going to therapy?

  • Mental self care - Are you creating enough time for activities that mentally and creatively engage you, while also building in time for mental breaks so you don’t burn yourself out?

While you may already be doing a lot of these activities, the practice of self care involves regularly assessing where you could use extra support in your life, and then make it a priority to carve out time for you.

Now let’s talk about ways The Gentle Practice for Healthcare Professionals can help meet some of your self care needs during your very hectic work/life schedule.

  • Physical - The practice of Yoga meets many physical care needs. You are physically able to be anywhere at any time to join a virtual session at your convenience, whether at home or in the office. You are experiencing movement on any level that your body needs, gentle stretching or a more intense workout, it’s completely up to you.

  • Emotional - Each session is among your healthcare peers. Conversations that may follow a session can also be very healing. You are in a ‘safe space’ to listen, share, and open up about any experiences with no judgement and in a welcoming environment.

  • Mental - Carving out time, whether it be full or half sessions, is creating that mental break you need to avoid burnout and to better meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of others.

As with many habits, you’re more likely to keep up self care practices if you build them into a routine. Put it on your calendar, tie it to an existing routine, find an accountability person, or do whatever else you need to help make self care a regular part of your life.

by Deanna Cahill, E-RYT 200 - Yoga Alliance Expert Level Teacher

The Gentle Practice not only has sessions you may join each day, but also the option to drop in or reserve private sessions. Limited on your time throughout the week? Contact Deanna about half sessions that meet your vigorous schedule needs.

Visit or click to join a class, book a private session, or secure a monthly membership.

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